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We are husband and wife, married on December 10, 2017! We decided to start our own company and travel full time because, why not? The married life has been nothing short of amazing and a total blast for us. We believe there is no right or wrong way to get married, as long as the day represents you two as a pair. Marriage is such a beautiful thing and being part of people's biggest day of their lives is HUGE to us! We get to create the physical memories you will have for the rest of your lives. We also like to think that we are fun people to be around and hangout with for your shoots. Our goal is that we aren't just your photographers but a friend too!

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I graduated college with a film degree. I have been in the photography and film field for years and it is exactly what I love to do! Being behind a camera is my way of experiencing a lot of things. I am a certified drone pilot and usually have a giant book bag on me when we travel, full of gear. I have created a tradition of climbing a tree in new countries we visit. Surfing, skating, podcasts, comedy, anything sour, all the coffee, yoga, and traveling with my wife and dog are a few things I would say suit me well. 


I am an environmentalist and traveling enthusiast!  I absolutely love being the co-owner of this company with my hubs. We have very different ways of thinking but we make a great team because of it. We both bring unique ideas into each shoot we do. Being an animal lover, I will highly influence you to include pets (of all kinds) in your photos. Dogs are the best. I also LOVE raw emotion and being part of capturing the special moments in your life.

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Our Family

We don't have an elephant,

but we do have an RV!

We are huge DIY people. We flipped and sold our first home. We spent our first year of marriage converting a bus into our tiny home. Now we have completely renovated an RV and spent the past year traveling full time in it! We have a tv series called 'Becoming Borderless' that is free to watch on Roku or tdn.tv/becoming-borderless You can also follow our travel adventures on instagram @becomingborderless.

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