About Me


I am the owner and lead photographer of this company. I was bit by the travel bug some years ago and I have not been able to shake the urge to go and see more since. I am always wanting an excuse to travel so feel free to reach out about your wedding, no matter where it will be! I offer packages for literally ANYWHERE. 

I have an Australian Shepherd named Brew and he is a legit Auss-hole. If you have an Aussie, I imagine you can relate to this. We spend most of my editing breaks playing ball (ball is life to him). He loves to show off all his tricks and agility too. I love animals and am always down to include your fur babies in sessions! 

Random/ fun facts about me:

-Favorite place on Earth: SE Asia..so far

-Favorite food: Thai (obviously after my previous answer)

-Favorite subject in school: Math and Science; I have my Master of Science in Environmental Studies...I am a deep rooted nerd at heart 

-Hobbies: Reading; listening to Podcasts; hiking; working out; eating good food; wildlife/landscape photography; writing...I am working on my first book for fun..

-Places I have traveled to: Cross country and back; Costa Rica; Nicaragua; Australia; Bali Indonesia; Thailand; Iceland; Finland; I lived in Japan as a kid if this counts

-Top Destinations I want to visit that I have yet to: Ireland; Greece; Chile (but let's be honest...I want to go everywhere).

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